Workshop on Clusters, Clouds and Grids for Life Sciences

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  • Workshop on Clusters, Clouds and Grids for Life Sciences
  • Madrid

Workshop on Clusters, Clouds and Grids for Life Sciences

In conjunction with CCGrid 2017 – 17th IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Cluster, Cloud and Grid Computing, May 14–17, 2017, Madrid, Spain

Today, biomedicine and bioinformatics rely heavily on large scale computational resources, as they typically employ data- and compute- intensive methods. Omics, biomedical imaging and computational models quickly reach data volumes of terabytes and petabytes, data analysis may need teraflops or petaflops of computing power. New challenges arise from complex analysis of distributed heterogeneous data, for example in translational medicine.

Distributed IT-systems, such as Grids, Clouds and recently Big Data environments, are used for to speed-up large experiments and development time for new algorithms. Distributed systems also allow for better availability of new computational methods for supporting large-scale multi-centric collaborations. However, specific challenges in the employment of such systems for biomedical applications, such as security, reliability and user-friendliness, often impede wide-range adoption of prototype solutions.

This workshop aims at bringing together developers of bioinformatics and biomedical applications and researchers in the field of distributed IT systems. The goals of the workshop are to exchange and discuss existing solutions and latest developments in both fields, in particular for identified gaps and roadblocks. The workshop further intends to collaboratively explore new approaches to successfully apply distributed IT-systems in translational research, clinical intervention, and decision-making.


For more information visit: http://lsgc.org/ccgrid-life/